Work Hard, Race Hard, Play Hard

Work Hard, Race Hard, Play Hard

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Soooo Fitting....

The title of this weeks blog is really for the last two weeks and its b/c my mantra – work hard, play hard, race hard was put to the test last week.  Work was work, long stressful hours.  Besides that I will probably never tell you much about work.  Its long hours that do nothing good for my swim/bike/run.  Other than that I won’t bore you with that topic.  But last weekend being a double race weekend meant race hard…2x in one weekend!  More on that later.  And then in true Irish form (I did after all miss the St. Patrick’s Day celebration in NYC b/c of the races) I made up for it on Sunday.  Love me a good Sunday funday.  Very much miss post race drinks with Sissy, but Cuz was a good fill in :)  Sooo the ‘play hard’ kept me from blogging last Sunday and made for a very painful Monday.  Two glasses of wine turned into 6 hours of wine and two pizzas.  Ill be better next week..

I guess you’re all wondering about the double race weekend?!  Did I hit the times coachie told me I could?!  Well no I didn’t.  But I am still happy with the outcome of both races.  The 4 miler on Saturday was fun!  I was ahead of pace until the last mile…all uphill.  Ohhh why am I so slow on hills??!  I was supposed to do 23:30, but ended up at 23:50.  Still good enough for first place female.  Sunday was the NYC half marathon.   Ran 1:21:33., not quite a 1:20.   Still a 4 minute PR and 9th in my AG(very competitive field of super skinny runner girls) so I was happy about that.  I also know I have a sub 1:20 in me right now.  I'm not one for excuses, so my time is my time and I'll do better next time, but I should tell you that I signed up saying I ran a 2:53 HALF marathon in Carlsbad in January instead of a marathon.  On Friday when I went to pick up my bib I was in the very last corral.  I asked them to move me up, but they would only give me a bib # in the 2000’s.   First 5 miles of the run in Central Park were spent trying to get around people.  I ran the outer most part of the loop which meant I ran longer, used more energy dodging and was off pace.  Lesson learned…be more careful with info when I sign up for races!!  I know my family are laughing at this as this is sooo typical of something I would do!!   Overall I was pleased with the weekend.  Both days were PRs and I love racing…hard!

Other exciting news – I was selected to be a part of the Tribike Transport Ambassador team!  So honored and excited to represent them.  They are awesome and convenient.  No flying with your bike, taking it apart/putting it back together.  Makes racing much less stressful!!

This past week was tough – I struggled on all my workouts and felt sluggish. When I found myself on my trainer Wednesday and Thursday night at midnight I was not happy!!  (yep, more of the same at work).   I am intimidated by hard bike workouts.  Always have been and feels like I always will be!  They seem so overwhelming to me.  Give me a hard run workout and I think - bring it.  Give me a hard bike workout and I think – are you sure?!!   So at midnight starting a hard bike workout was a real test of mind over matter!   Hit the power #s coachie gave me, so I need to remember not to think so much, just trust I can do it!

Well I am guessing I bored you enough for today.  And I have NO PICTURES from the past two weeks.  I know, I know…I am not a good blogger!  I am going to have LOTS of pictures for you next week to make of for this.  I promise J

Next weekend is the first triathlon of the season - Texas 70.3.  Headed to Galveston late Friday night with my mom, Peanut and Riley.  I LOVE having my pups at races, so excited they are coming J  Sissy we will miss you…are you sure you don’t want to come to TX?!  

Off to do my nails.  This weeks color – Exotic Liras.  Since I didn’t blog last week you should know I have had 3 colors on since I last blogged – Koala Berry, No More Film and Sure Shot.

And again this week wasn't all good:
Candy- 2 , Me - 0
Pizza -1, Me - 0

I must be better this week - its Race Week!!

Have a great week!!  

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