Work Hard, Race Hard, Play Hard

Work Hard, Race Hard, Play Hard

Monday, April 16, 2012

Quicky update...

Just checking in with a quick update since once again I'm behind in my blogging (surprise surprise!!) I know I know...this is an obvious trend...I swear I have good intentions:)

I raced my first triathlon of the season - IM Texas 70.3 on 4/1 and will post a race report and pictures soon. Since I returned from Texas, work took on a whole new level of crazy and Sissy arrived from San Diego (yay!!)
Therefore, no free time for blogging :)

As for the Boston marathon, unfortunately the day didn't go as planned. I had been dealing with a hip injury for the past few weeks but I had been managing it, lots of rest and cutting back on my running mileage. I honestly thought it was ok and I wouldn't be further injuring myself by running the 26.2 miles. However, about 3 miles into the race, I felt something "snap" in my hip area and after that I was in pain and it was progressively getting worse with each mile. I made it to mile 8 and the pain was not subsiding so I finally decided to call it a day. This was a difficult and emotional decision but my ultimate goal and focus for this season is Kona and I didnt want to risk further injury that would affect my training and goals for this race. After racing Kona in 2010 just 10 weeks post shoulder surgery, I have dreamed about getting back to Kona healthy and I am going to do all I can to make this happen!

Thanks for checking in - I will post more details and hopefully have some good news soon!!

Have a great week!!

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