Work Hard, Race Hard, Play Hard

Work Hard, Race Hard, Play Hard

Monday, March 12, 2012

Just Roll With It...

Well its 10:30pm on Sunday and I just finished my hard 16 mile run.  Not exactly when I like to do my training on a Sunday with another tough week of work ahead, but this is what the weekend dealt me.   So just have to roll with it.  That’s really the theme of this whole week.  I wont go into the boring details, but it was one of those weeks at work where I had to get really creative on ways to fit in training.  For instance, splitting up the already missed run tempo workout on Wednesday, I then only had time to split it up on Thursday – 2 intervals done at 5am before a very early start at work, then the other 2 intervals later that night after work.  Not ideal, but just had to roll with it..

Despite a crazy week there were some highlights!
~New Newtons arrived!  Loving their new kicks and colors they just came out with.  I tested out the new Gravity’s this week.  Love them as usual for my training runs.  And Ill be testing out the new MV2 and Distance U’s  this weekend when I race a 4 mile on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday!  Double race weekend…cant wait!!  I have not run a stand alone half marathon in so long and I am really excited to see if I have improved.  Coach thinks I have and he sent me my goal time for the race…woahhh!  I am not sure I can do it, but he has been spot on so far on my estimated race run times, so I’m going to believe J

~New Garmin 910xt arrived too!  So excited for this watch.  I love data because it allows me to see improvement which is what pushes me to work harder.  And now in the pool I can see the data too.  This could be the answer to my lack of swimming problem!!  Let’s see…starting with my swim tomorrow morning.  Will I actually get up and do it?!!

~The Multisport expo in NY on Saturday was a success.  Lots of great speakers, saw so many fellow triathetes, spent some time at the Terrier Tri booth and Health Warrior booth.  HW booth was hoppin’!!  They sold out of all the bags of Chia they brought and everyone was LOVING the new Acai Berry and Coconut Chia bars (also sold out)!!  Have you tried the bars yet?  If not…get on it.  They are awesome!

~I only skipped one workout this week!! 

Wasn’t all good though..
~Easter candy 1 – Me 0

~Girl scout cookies 1 – Me 0


~And get more sleep.

With that said – I am off to bed after I paint my nails.  This weeks color is Wife Goes On J

Have a great week!!

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