Work Hard, Race Hard, Play Hard

Work Hard, Race Hard, Play Hard

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kona Pictures.. Finally! Blog update with more than pics to follow - Promise!

Ahhh running...finally!  

Can't beat that background :)

Billy B!  Always great to hang with the Buskos in Kona! And yes of course my abs look like that too ;)

Underwear Run.  Thanks HealthWarrior!

We thought these were so cute and funny.  

Best support team/cheerleaders EVER - Mom and Sissy.  Love you guys.

Pre race routine - sissy does my braids while I sip my tea,  No coffee for this girl

Pure happiness

Some official race pics.. Really thought the 112 mile would never end..ever

Always love a finish line and this one is THE BEST feeling ever.
Mom and her fan.  haha too cute

Post race with my favs.  xo

Bike drop off.  Always one of the last matter how organized I think i am :(